#GoodReadance2021 aka I Sort of Got My Shit Together?

Hello and welcome to my Goodreadance 2021 update! This challenge finished at the end of November and I’m happy to report that I achieved most of my goals! If you’re interested in taking a look at my original post you can do so here, or if you want to read Shealea’s post you can do that right here! I’m genuinely proud of all the things I accomplished thanks to this challenge, and I look forward to participating in the future! Without further ado, let’s get into my goals!

All completed goals will be marked with a ✅ and any goals I did not complete will be marked with a ❌!

✅ Sort through want to read shelf

Unfortunately, I forgot to take screenshots but I got my want to read shelf down from almost 600 books to just over 100. It took me several hours, but I am very pleased with the result. It feels a lot less overwhelming this way like it’s an actual functional shelf instead of a dumping ground.

Update release shelves & spreadsheet

While I did not update my 2021 releases spreadsheet, I did start my 2022 sheet and there are currently 37 books on it! I will keep updating it continuously, my hope is to not fall behind as bad as I did with 2021.

✅ Bring all reading pages up to date

This actually did not take as much time as I anticipated it would thankfully. I mostly focused on updating my owned books and read books sheet, but I also took the time to sort out my TBR tables and library book tracker so it’s all ready to go in 2022.

✅ Update Goodreads shelves

Whether or not this one is technically done is a little dubious, as I didn’t actually delete any shelves. I’m not sure I would though, as looking over them I think they all serve their intended purpose well enough. I did add a few shelves while I was going through my want to read shelf, which brings my total shelf count to 56.

Make new favourite shelf

I had so much fun doing this! My old favourite shelf was very much outdated, I’d had it since 2017 and most of the books on it were ones I don’t even like anymore. It felt nice to start fresh and add a bunch of books that I truly love to be displayed on my profile.

Write overdue reviews/prune NetGalley & Edelweiss

Thankfully, this was much much easier than I thought it would be. In my mind, I had conjured a wild, lawless landscape overrun with unread ARCs, but it was only a few. As of writing this I only have 1 unread ARC on my NetGalley shelf and none on Edelweiss!

General blog maintence and planning

I have the next month and a half planned out in blog posts, and I am very excited about all of it! There are some fun things coming, including a project that I’ve been stewing on for over a year that I think (hope) will be a big hit.

Develop a routine

I waffled between marking this as done or not, but ultimately while I had devised a routine, my ADHD ass has yet to actually stick to it. My ideal plan is to update my releases spreadsheet and check over my want to read shelf on a biweekly basis, ideally every other Friday, but I have yet to actually do it. I have managed to keep up on my owned books catalogue and my reading tracker, but that is unfortunately it.

❌ Set up tbr jar for unread owned books

Alas I did not quite get to do this one, but I have not given up hope!! I think I will make it a goal for next year to have this fully up and operational with the first couple of months. I always knew this one was unlikely to happen, so I’m not necessarily disappointed that I didn’t make it but I will most definitely still be doing it soon.

Those were all of my goals! Did you participate in #GoodReadance2021? If so, did you acommplish most of your goals? Do you have a TBR jar? I’d love to know!

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